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Partial Differential Equations
18.06 Wednesday 19.06 Thursday 21.06 Saturday 22.06 Sunday
14:30 - 15:15 Bogoyavlenskij Oleg
 Integrable perturbations of Volterra system
Repin S.
 A posteriori estimates for solutions of elliptic and parabolic differential equations
Yumaguzhin Valeriy
 On the obstruction to integrability of almost-complex structures 
Kostomarov Dmitry
  Problems for ultrahyperbolic equations in half-space 
15:20 - 15:40 Dobrokhotov Sergey
  Focal points, vortices, waves and the generalized Maslov canonical operator for linear hyperbolic systems 
Razzhevaikin Valery
  Reaction-diffusion equations with density dependent diffusion 
Golubiatnikov Alexander
Group classification and solution of geometrical constraint equations 
Faminskii Andrei
One well-posed initial-boundary value problem for quasilinear evolution equations of an odd-order 
15:45 - 16:05  Abib Odinette Renée
Moving coframes
and differential equations
Nguyen Manh Hung,
Nguyen Thanh Anh
  Asymptotics of the solutions of the boundary problem for elliptic equations depending parameter in domains with conical points and applications 
16:10 - 16:30 Filippova Olga
 On some properties solutions of functional-differential inclusions with impulses 
Britvina Lyubov
  Generalized convolutions related to linear operators and their application for solving differential equations 
Aksenov Alexander
Symmetries of fundamental solutions and their applications 
Bezrodnykh Sergey,
Vlasov V.I., Demidov A.S.
On the inverse problem for the Grad Shafranov equation 
16:35 - 16:55 Gel'man Boris
On applications of the Borsuk-Ulam theorem in theory of differential equations 
Bukzhalev Evgeny
Singularly perturbed parabolic equation in critical case 
Burde Georgy
Some asymptotic methods for differential equations based on the Lie group technique 
Bhosale Bharat
On fractional Fourier transform and solution to differential equations in tempered distributional set up 
16:55 - 17:15 COFFEE BREAK
17:15 - 17:35 Kalitvin Anatolij
On the monotone solutions of one classe linear differential equations in Banach spaces 
Dzhenaliev Muvasharkhan
Boundary value problems for the spectrally loaded heat equation 
Bykov Valery, Tsybenova S.B.
The bifurcations of homogeneous steady states for systems "reaction+diffusion" on the active surfaces of various geometry 
Rozanova O.
Suppression of unbounded gradient in SDЕ associated with the Burgers equation 
17:40 - 18:00 Kamynin Vitaly
On unique solvability of inverse problems of determination of leading coeffcient in parabolic equations 
El-Borai Mahmoud M.
On some nonlinear fractional differential equations 
Dryuma Valerii
Monge equations in theory of nonlinear dynamical systems 
Penkin Oleg
Elliptic differential equations on stratified sets 
18:05 - 18:25 Agliardi Rossella,
Zanghirati Luisa
The Cauchy problem for nonlinear p-hyperbolic equations

Kuliev Mamed
The multidimensional inverse boundary value problems for linear systems equations of hyperbolic type in bounded domain 
Ashyralyev A., Martínez M. D.
 Piskarev S., Pastor J.
 The weak maximal regularity for hyperbolic equations
Savchuk A., Shkalikov A.A.
Nonlinear mappings in spectral and inverse spectral problems for Sturm-Liouville operators
18:30 - 18:50 Tuyrin Vasiliy
On invertibility of linear differential operators with variable coeffcients 
Hung Nguyen Manh
Asymptotical behaviour of solutions of the first initial boundary value problem for hyperbolic equations in infinite cylinders with nonsmooth base 
Grebenev Vladimir,
 Oberlack Martin
  A geometric interpretation of the selfsimilar solution of a closure model for the von Karman-Howarth equation 
Sadovnichaya Inna
 A uniform estimates for equiconvergence of Fourier series for Sturm-Liouville operators 
18:55 - 19:15 Vasilyev Vladimir
 Elliptic pseudodifferential equations in non-smooth domains:
problems with a parameter 
Panov Eugeny
On the Dirichlet problem for first order quasilinear equations
on a manifold 
Khekalo Sergei
 The connection between the condition of gauge relation and the systems of differential equations in partial derivatives 
Saltykov Evgeny
 The spectral expansion on the entire real line of Green's function of the two-dimension sommerfeld problem for a two-layer medium in the fundamental functions of
a nonself-adjoint Sturm-Liouville operator 
19:20 - 19:40 Volosov Konstantin
 Construction of solutions of PDE in parametric form 
Кожевникова Л.М.
Стабилизация решений псевдодифференциальных параболических уравнений в неограниченных областях
19:45 - 20:05 Mitrokhin Sergey
  About one boundary value problem with integrable coefficients with piecewise-constant weight function 
Omel'chenko Oleg,
Recke Lutz
Solutions to singularly perturbed problems via the implicit function theorem 
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