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General Problems of Control Theory and the Ponytryagin Maximum Principle - 2
  18.06 Wednesday 19.06 Thursday 21.06 Saturday 22.06 Sunday
14:30 - 14:50 E. Polovinkin
Strongly convex analysis and its applications
V. Demyanov, G. Tamasyan
Direct numerical methods in calculus of variations and optimal control problems
G. Sklyar
Development of the moment approach to the time-optimal control problem for nonlinear systems

H. Yasumichi
Approximate and noisy realization of non-linear systems
14:55 - 15:15 A. Bortakovskii
Optimal control of automaton type dynamical systems
15:20 - 15:40 M. Dymkov
Optimization problems for differential repetitive and differential-algebraic control systems
G. Colombo
Representation of the generalized gradient for a class of non-Lipschitz functions
A. Nakonechny
Control of stochastic differential equations
with changing structures under uncertainties
V. Ogloblin
On a simple way of two point boundary problem solving of maximum principle for time-optimal control problem in n-dimensional system with constant coefficients and addition to maximum principle for such systems 
15:45 - 16:05 V. Marchenko
DAD systems of control and its application
K. Sklyar
On the linearization in the class C
J. Wozniak
Condition of controllability for a rotating Timoshenko beam
A. Arguchincev
Non-classic optimality conditions in the problem of control by hybrid differential systems
16:10 - 16:30 V. Borukhov
Invertibility of distributed input-state-output systems
S. Pavlichkov
Nonlinear triangular systems which are not feedback linearizable and their coordinate-free generalization
J. Grudo, A. Kalinin
Asymptotic methods of optimization of nonlinear singularly perturbed systems
E. Kuznetsov
Optimal multiparameter continuation of solution
16:35 - 16:55 S. Kumkov
Controlled systems with discontinuous dependence of the constraint for control on the phase vector
A. Plotnikov
Asymptotic investigation of control problem
in the indeterminate conditions
S. Myshkov
Minimax solution in the linear-quadratic control problem of a singular perturbation system
M. Arguchintseva
Problem of finding the initial shapes of subliming bodies optimal with the respect to radiation heat
16:55 - 17:15 COFFEE BREAK
17:15 - 17:35 G. Murzabekova
Minimax underdetermined systems
A. Bratus
Optimal control synthesis in the problem of drug therapy of vascular tumour growth
G. Chikrii
Effect of information delay in differential games of pursuit
V. Dikusar, G. Zelenkov, N. Zubov
Criteria of existence of convex sets of unstable polynomials
17:40 - 18:00 E. Panasenko
Recurrence properties of solutions set for nonautonomous differential inclusion with parameter
N. Botkin, K.-H. Hoffmann, V. Turova
Optimal control in cryopreservation in living cells and tissues  
A. Belousov
Linear differential pursuit games with Integral constraints
Петренко И.А.
Оптимизация ёмкости завода аквакультуры при наличии экологических ограничений
18:05 - 18:25 A. Strekalovsky
On non-convex optimal control problems
A. Rettieva, V. Mazalov
Fish wars and incentive equilibrium
S. Ganebny
Differential games and adaptive control for problems with dynamic disturbance of unknown level
G. Muminov
On a Vallée Poussin theorem
18:30 - 18:50 S. Dudov
Estimations and approximation of segment function by polynomial stripe
Yu. Obnosov
Optimal control of Darcian seepage in phreatic and heterogenious aquifers               
N. Petrov
About "soft" capture in some problems of group pursuit
D. Pivovarchuk
Open-loop control under uncertainty with free goal reaching time 
18:55 - 19:15 O. Samsonuk
Necessary conditions for nonsmooth optimal impulse problem
V. Srochko
On numerical solution of optimal control problems 
A. Chikrii
The first direct method of L.S.Pontryagin, development of its ideas
M. Sadygov
Subdifferential of the functions
in concrete spaces
19:20 - 19:40   N. Paulianok
Optimal control of a linear system on quadratic performance index
A. Shorikov
Minimax terminal control problem with incomplete information in two-level hierarchical discrete-time dynamical system
19:45- 20:05     B. Ananiev
Restoration of input actions in a linear system under communication constraints  
S. Mashchenko
Individually-optimum equilibriums
in non-cooperative games
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