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Timetable of plenary lectures

Timetable of plenary lectures 17.06-22.06, 2008
June 17, Tuesday
9:00-12:00   Registration of participants. 2-nd Educational building of MSU, aud. П-13
13:00-13:30   Opening ceremony.  Building of the library of MSU
    Yu. S. Osipov, Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee,
President of Russian Academy of Sciences,
V.A. Sadovnichii, Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee,
President of Lomonosov Moscow State University
Session 1. Chairman  A.V. Balakrishnan  (USA)
13:30-14:20   D.V. Anosov  (Russia)
On mathematical creative work of L.S. Pontryagin
14:20-15:10   F.H. Clarke (France)
Control theory and nonsmooth analysis
15:10-15:30   Coffee break
Session 2. Chairman D.V. Anosov (Russia) 
15:30-16:20   V.V. Kozlov (Russia)
Tomson's theorem on nonstability: its topological sense and generalizations 
16:20-17:10   Yu.S. Osipov (Russia), A.V. Kryazhimskiy (Austria/Russia)
Krasovskii's extreme shift control principle and its applications
17:10-17:20   Break
Session 3. Chairman A.B. Kurzhanski (Russia) 
17:20-18:10   R.W. Brockett (USA)
On the control of Liouville equations  
18:10-20:00   Welcome party
June 18, Wednesday
Session 1. Chairman E.I. Moiseev (Russia)
9:00-9:50   V.K. Isaev (Russia), G. Leitmann (USA)
Pontryagin's maximum principle and aerospace research.
Brief comments on the half-centennial history (1957-2007)
9:50-10:20   Coffee break
Session 2. Chairman  R.W. Brockett (USA) 
10:20-11:10   R.V. Gamkrelidze (Russia)
Hamiltonian format of Pontryagin's maximum principle
11:20-12:10   A.A. Agrachev  (Russia/Italy)
Control of Diffeomorphisms and Densities
12:10-14:30   Lunch
June 19, Thursday
Session 1. Chairman A.J. Krener (USA)
9:00-9:50   A.B. Kurzhanski (Russia)
On synthesizing impulsive controls and the theory of fast controls
9:50-10:20   Coffee break
Session 2. Chairman F.H. Clarke (France) 
10:20-11:10   V.A. Il'in (Russia), E.I. Moiseev (Russia)
Determination of the explicit analytical types
of the optimal boundary controls  of the string vibration process
11:20-12:10   Demonstration of L.S. Pontryagin's lecture
(given during his visit to USA)
with short intoduction of
A.V. Balakrishnan (USA)
12:10-14:30   Lunch
June 20, Friday
Session 1. Chairman C.C. Pugh (Canada)
9:00-9:50   V.I. Arnold (Russia)
Statistics of the Morse theory of smooth functions
9:50-10:20   Coffee break
Session 2. Chairman N.N. Krasovskii (Russia) 
10:20-11:10   A.J. Krener (USA)
Control bifurcations
11:20-12:10   J. P. Gauthier (France)
An inactivation principle in biomechanics
12:10-14:30   Lunch
14:30   Cultural program
19:00   Banquet
June 21, Saturday
Session 1. Chairman S.P. Novikov (Russia) 
9:00-9:50   M. Masuda (Japan)
Topological toric theory
9:50-10:20   Coffee break
Session 2. Chairman D.V. Anosov (Russia)  
10:20-11:10   C.C. Pugh (Canada)
Focal stability
11:20-12:10   N. Ray (United Kingdom)
Toric orbifolds
12:10-14:30   Lunch
June 22, Sunday
Session 1. Chairman  J. P. Gauthier (France) 
9:00-9:50   V.M. Zakalyukin (Russia)
Legendre singularities and implicit ODE
10:00-10:50   A.B. Vasilieva (Russia), V.F. Butuzov (Russia), N.N. Nefedov (Russia)
Singularly perturbed problems with boundary and internal layers
10:50-11:20   Coffee break
Session 2. Chairman M. Masuda (Japan)  
11:20-12:10   A.A. Gaifullin (Russia)
Local combinatorial formulas for Pontryagin's classes of triangulated manifolds
12:20-13:10   S.P. Novikov (Russia), I.A. Dynnikov (Russia)
Discretization of complex analysis 
13:10-14:30   Lunch
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